Phishing mails to domain owners

Hamburg, 16.12.2013

Again and again, we receive enquiries from concerned customers who have received worrying emails about their domains registered with deLink.

  • someone wants to register my domain and my "internet keyword", what should I do?
  • someone urgently reminds a fee for my domain, do I have to pay?

Caution is advised with this type of request. There are typical methods used to lure money out of domain owners' pockets.

spam_delinkA popular method: You receive an e-mail - supposedly from an Internet provider, usually from China or Hong Kong, sometimes also from Switzerland. He writes to you that a company (completely unknown to you) wants to register your domain or your "internet keyword". However, they have discovered that this conflicts with your interests. You should get in touch as soon as possible.

What is behind it? First of all, the story that a foreign company wants to register your domain is usually made up. An "internet keyword" that could be taken away from you does not exist anyway. You are supposed to be put under pressure!

What is to be achieved? You are supposed to register - under pressure - more domains with additional endings, and this at drastically inflated prices and unbelievable conditions. We have experienced cases where the customer lured into the trap had to pay several thousand US dollars for three domains. Once you have sent an order fax, you won't get out of it so easily!

And if you do not react? In our experience, nothing happens at all. (And if you really need the explicitly offered domain and want to register it, you can do so at normal conditions with the provider you trust).


Serach Engine Submission OfferA further method suggests to you that a domain fee would have to be paid. On closer inspection, you may find in the more or less small print that it is not an invoice, but an offer - and not for the fee for the Domain extensionbut for a Search engine submission.

A line such as WWW.DELINK.INFO will expire on DECEMBER 03,2013 - Act today!

But it only says that this "notice" expires - not your domain!