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Certificates - Organization Validated

Using an Organization Validated Certficate shows your customer that you are serious about the security of his data. 256 bit encryption with a key length up to 4096 bit guarantee security even for stringent requirements. To make your trustworthiness visible you can download and embed a COMODO TrustLogo on your secured web pages.
For the verification of the applicants identity official documents have to be supplied. The Certificate Authority uses an adiitional phone call and an e-mail verification to complete the process. The certificate contains not only the domain name but the complete name of the applicant together with his postal address. This increases the credibility of the certificate.

1 Year 2 Years
Domain name in certificate
Personal data in certificate
Free Trust logo
Green bar in web browser - -
Up to 256 bit encryption
Secure 2048 bit key length and signature
Fee 79,00 € 121,00 €
Fee - Full-service* 99,00 € 149,00 €
Fee for wildcard-certificate** 399,00 € 699,00 €
Fee for wildcard-certificate - Full-service* 429,00 € 729,00 €

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*Full-service means - deLink generates the server key and the CSR, communicates with the certificate suppliers as far as possible and installs the certificate on the hosting server. Full-service is only possible with websites hosted by deLink.

**wildcard certificates are valid for all subdomains *.domain.

All prices are in EUR and include VAT.

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