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Domain Forms

This is where you find the forms you need for managing your domain.

You wish to reserve a domain?

You can order any desired domain - assuming it is still available - at deLink either. Customers please log in. New customers please sign up.

You wish to transfer a domain from another provider to deLink?

You can transfer your domain registered with another provider at any time to deLink via the Customer Administration Interface. You will need to comply, however, with requirements varying from one country to another.

You wish to delete a domain?

You are no longer in need of your domain? Send us a written notice of cancellation by fax or letter, at the latest 30 days prior to expiration. Expiration date is printed on your bill; you will receive an e-mail notifying you of renewal, 60 as well as 30 days before expiration of your domain. We will complete the formalities without additional cost to you. Download form...

You wish to transfer your domain to another owner?

If you wish to transfer a domain to another owner, a written confirmation is required in any case from the Admin-C. Please, complete the required form and fax it to deLink  Download form...

You wish to transfer your domain to another provider?

If you wish to transfer a domain from deLink to another provider, we will not infringe upon your decision, nor will we charge any additional fee.  Download form...

You want to modify your stored e-mail address?

Access data could only be sent to the stored e-mail address. If you have lost your access data and if you have a new e-mail address you can apply for changing the stored e-mail address with this form. Download form...