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The new domain endings have arrived!

Representing social, industrial and geographical topics the new generic domains are easy to understand and to remember. Browse through the huge number of available new and old domain endings and take advantage of a fantastic domain name for your web presence and your e-mail address.
You'll find the current time table for the introduction of new generic domains
You can pre-register any of these domains with deLink. The following new domains are already available for registration and usage:

.abogado .academy .accountant .actor .adult .africa .agency .amsterdam .app .archi .art .auction .audio .auto .baby .bank .bar
.bargains .bayern .beer .berlin .best .bet .bid .bike .bio .blackfriday .blog .blue .boutique .broker .brussels .build
.builders .business .buzz .cab .cafe .cam .camera .camp .car .cards .care .career .careers .cars .casa .cash
.casino .catering .center .ceo .charity .chat .cheap .christmas .church .city .claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clothing .cloud
.club .codes .coffee .college .cologne .community .company .computer .condos .construction .consulting .contact .contractors .cooking .cool .corsica
.country .coupons .credit .creditcard .cruises .dance .date .dating .deals .delivery .democrat .dental .desi .design .diamonds .digital
.direct .directory .discount .dog .domains .download .earth .eco .education .email .enterprises .equipment .estate .eus .events .expert
.exposed .express .fail .family .fan .fans .farm .fashion .feedback .film .finance .financial .fish .fit .fitness .flights
.florist .forsale .forum .foundation .fun .fund .furniture .futbol .fyi .gal .gallery .game .garden .gift .glass .global
.gmbh .gold .golf .graphics .gratis .green .gripe .group .guide .guru .hamburg .haus .health .healthcare .help .hiphop
.hiv .hockey .holdings .holiday .homes .horse .host .hosting .house .immo .immobilien .industries .ink .institute .international .investments
.jetzt .jewelry .juegos .kaufen .kim .kitchen .kiwi .koeln .krd .land .law .life .lighting .limo .link .live
.loan .loans .lol .london .lotto .love .luxury .maison .makeup .management .market .marketing .markets .mba .media .men
.menu .miami .moda .mom .mortgage .moscow .movie .nagoya .network .new .news .ninja .nrw .nyc .one .onl
.online .organic .page .partners .parts .party .photography .photos .pics .pictures .pink .pizza .place .plumbing .plus .poker
.porn .press .productions .promo .properties .pub .recipes .red .reise .reisen .rent .rentals .repair .report .rest .restaurant
.reviews .rip .rocks .rodeo .ruhr .run .saarland .sale .schule .scot .security .services .sex .sexy .shiksha .shoes
.shop .shopping .show .singles .site .ski .soccer .social .software .solar .solutions .soy .space .sport .store .studio
.style .sucks .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .swiss .systems .taipei .tattoo .tax .taxi .team .tech .technology
.tennis .theater .tickets .tienda .tips .today .tokyo .tools .top .tours .toys .trade .trading .training .tube .university
.uno .vacations .vegas .ventures .versicherung .viajes .video .villas .vip .vision .vlaanderen .vodka .voting .voyage .watch .webcam
.website .wedding .wien .wiki .win .work .works .world .wtf .xyz .yoga .yokohama .zone