deLink recommends trademark registration with the Trademark Clearinghouse

Hamburg, 13.08.2013

The introduction of new domain extensions is imminent. If you have a brand for which you want to register domains with the new endings, you need to act now! For example, the following domains can be registered in the future:

  • mybrand.web

With the new gTLDs, there will be sunrise phases - as has been customary in the past with the introduction of new domain extensions - during which you as the trademark holder can secure the corresponding domains before the registration is released to the public in the going public. Then there is a risk that your important domains will fall into the wrong hands.

Verification of the brand is necessary

In order to be able to register domains with the new extensions in the sunrise phase, verification of your trademark by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is required. Only if you receive the SMD (a file documenting the verification result) after the verification, you can pre-register domains matching your trademark! If you have a validation of your trademark, you can also use it for all new gTLDs.

Convenient interface for deLink customers

deLink offers you a convenient interface for registering with the TMCH in the customer administration area. Under Domains / Document Management you can save important documents for domain registrations such as trademarks, extracts from the commercial register and copies of identity documents. Select a trademark stored in the document management, enter the required additional details, upload the additional documents (Declaration of Use, Proof of Use and, if applicable, a licence agreement) and submit the order. deLink will carry out an individual visual check of the application and the uploaded documents and will consult with you if any discrepancies are found. Important: The responsibility for the suitability, completeness and correctness of the application remains with you!

Trademark Claim Service informs about applications on request

Under certain circumstances, different spellings can be derived from your trademark. This is the case, for example, if umlauts or special characters appear in the trademark. The web interface at deLink generates all possible spellings, the so-called labels. With a trade mark application, you can simultaneously validate all derivable labels for use in sunrise phases.

In addition, you can activate the Trademark Claim Service. You will then be informed during the Trademark Claim Phase about every registration of a domain in the new gTLDs that corresponds to the selected label. Anyone else who wants to register such a domain will be warned that they may be infringing your rights by registering it.

We therefore recommend activating both the Sunrise Service and the Trademark Claim Service for all your labels.

If you have any questions about TMCH, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!