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New deLink redirect service for .kz domains

For some time now, the registry for .kz domains has imposed the condition that associated websites must be hosted on servers physically located in Kazakhstan. This condition has not yet been further...
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deLink with a new brand identity

deLink GmbH has been online for more than 20 years. Time for something new! For the first time, we are carrying out an extensive relaunch of our corporate design. We are pleased to present to you first in...
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Protection for SSL certificates with CAA

It is no longer possible to imagine the Internet without SSL certificates. They are mandatory for websites if login data, passwords or personal data are transmitted in any form. They signal to visitors that their...
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Message about security problem with email

Recently, various mail clients have been bringing up messages of the type Add security certificate problem Security exception rule Reputable banks or businesses will not ask you to do such a thing. Address...
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Emails with nail fungus

Since the beginning of 2018, a wave of spam has been running with the help of which various products are to be sold. Particularly popular: nail fungus snoring night glasses paint pens massage mat joint pain Bitcoins On various websites you can find matching...
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My mails end up in the spam folder

The mails you send end up in the recipient's spam folder? That's annoying, of course - but there are a few things you can do to prevent it. Basically, the following applies: The sender and his...
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Firefox: This connection is not secure

Since version 52 of Firefox, many Internet users have noticed that many websites suddenly display the message "This connection is not secure". What is this all about?...
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Test website on new server

Whenever an existing website is to be moved to a new web server, the question arises: How can I test or edit the new website while the associated domain is still on...
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Now also under .at: short domains

Now also directly under .at: 1- and 2-digit short domains Nic AT releases all 1- and 2-digit short domains directly under .at, with a few exceptions. After the sunrise phase for trademark owners...
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Mail system upgrade

Happy New Year! Just in time for the start of 2016, deLink updated its mail system to a new version on 1 January. All mails, data and settings were taken over and were available after the...
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