New deLink redirect service for .kz domains

Hamburg, 26.08.2021

For some time now, the registry has imposed the condition for .kz domains that associated websites must be hosted on servers that are physically located in Kazakhstan. This condition has not yet been further checked and in many cases has not been complied with. 

This has now changed: The registry is currently checking the DNS entries to see whether the A or AAAA record entered for the domain points to an IP address in Kazakhstan. For domains that do not comply with the registry's guidelines published at, the registry announces a prompt disconnection - as of 3 September 2021.

For domain owners of .kz domains, the following three possibilities arise:

1. let domain rest

If the domains were only registered prohibitively, i.e. to prevent third parties from registering them and misusing them, the domain remains, but can no longer be used technically. In this case, there is usually no need for action.

2. hosting in Kazakhstan

deLink offers managed vServers and managed pServers in data centres in Kazakhstan. Please note: Kazakhstan, as a non-EU country, is not subject to the scope of the EU GDPR. This means that storing personal data on such servers is probably not GDPR-compliant in most cases. 

3. redirect through the deLink service in Kazakhstan

The specially developed deLink redirect service on deLink servers in Kazakhstan can continue to redirect domains to IP addresses outside of Kazakhstan. The IP address of the redirect service is assigned to Kazakhstan in order to comply with the conditions of the registry.

The hosting of the forwarding destination can be geographically localised as desired. A prerequisite for this procedure to work is that name servers from deLink (free of charge) are registered for the domain. All DNS settings can be edited and forwardings freely configured at any time via the customer portal. There are no restrictions on the part of the registry for mail-relevant entries, MX and TXT records are optional.

If you are interested in our deLink redirect service for .kz domains, just contact us or send us an email to As a domain seller, reseller or hosting provider, you and your customers can also use this service.