Domain services

For more than 20 years we register domains worldwide for our customers. Transparency, data protection and reliability are a matter of course. No hidden contractual obligations. All products can be cancelled with short notice at the end of their term.


You want to transfer your domains from your current provider to us? In our customer portal you will find all the necessary tools to help you prepare and smoothly complete the transfer. We look forward to supporting you personally in the future. 

Broker service

Are you interested in buying an already registered domain and do not want to negotiate directly with the owner? Simply place a purchase order with us. If possible, we will determine the current owner and contact him. If the holder shows interest in selling, we will negotiate with him within the framework you have specified. You own a high-value domain and would like to sell it? We support you in approaching the right buyers and achieving the best possible sales price. You will always remain anonymous as a client. You can find further information in our customer portal.


Your desired domain is taken, but you would like to register it as soon as it becomes free? Perhaps you have indications that it will be deleted soon? Simply place a backorder order with us. With a backorder we check continuously if the domain is available for registration again. As soon as it is available, we will try to register it for you. You can find further information in our customer portal.

Domain security

With domain security you have the possibility to protect your domain by additional measures in case of critical actions, e.g. owner change or deletion. You can find more information in our customer portal. You determine for which action an additional confirmation of your security contact must be given.

TMCH Registration

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) was founded so that you do not have to file and have trademark rights examined separately for each of the new endings. You can file your trademark once with the TMCH via deLink and have it verified. A successful verification can then be used to apply for the domains (labels) derivable from the trademark during the launch phase (sunrise) for all New gTLDs. You can find further information in our customer portal.

Domain Trust Service

Some registries require for the registration of ccTLDs that the Admin-C (administrative contact) or the Own-C (domain owner) can show a postal address or a company headquarters in the respective country. In case this condition cannot be fulfilled, we offer a domain trustee service for many top-level domains. You can find further information in our customer portal.

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