deLink with a new brand identity

Hamburg, 11.10.2019

deLink GmbH has been online for more than 20 years. Time for something new! For the first time, we are carrying out an extensive relaunch of our corporate design. We are pleased to be able to present our new logo to you first in our revised blog:

In addition to a newly designed logo, our new slogan "we build solutions. " has also found its way into our communication. Due to the extensive conversion phases, other areas and documents will gradually be adapted in terms of appearance and content. Thus, in addition to the new logo, defined colour scales and typographies will be used that differ from the types used so far.

The new image ushers in a new era for our company, in which we will continue to offer you the highest quality and availability of our products and services, in addition to many innovations.

Best regards from Hamburg
Claudius Ruhe