Now also under .at: short domains

Hamburg, 11.10.2016

nic-atNow also directly under .at:
1- and 2-digit short domains

Nic AT releases all 1- and 2-digit short domains directly under .at, with a few exceptions. After the sunrise phase for trademark holders, the remaining short domains will be auctioned off to the highest bidder as of 07.11.2016.

Are you interested in a .at short domain? Then please enquire directly at domreg (at) Please indicate the desired domain and your maximum bid. Please note: The minimum bid is EUR 72,- incl. VAT.

As soon as it is known which domains will be put up for auction, we will inform you whether your desired domain will be put up for auction or has already been allocated in the Surise phase. If so, we will try to auction it off at the lowest possible price. Do not expect these domains to be available at a low price, although they will certainly not reach the price level for short domains under .com or .de. As an indication: 2-digit .de domains (without special characters) are currently offered between EUR 5,000 and EUR 200,000.