Firefox: This connection is not secure

Hamburg, 12.04.2017

Since version 52 of Firefox, many Internet users have noticed that many websites suddenly display the message "This connection is not secure".

What is it all about?

This hint is a new function. Firefox now indicates when filling out forms with password fields if the data transmission to a website is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.

The following has always been true: You should only enter personal data, especially bank or credit card details and passwords, on websites where https:// and a key symbol are visible in the address bar:



If this is not the case, e.g. if only http:// is visible without an "s" at the end, the data you enter will be transmitted unencrypted. If anyone illegally reads the data, they will receive your data in plain text.

But what if this message appears on your own website, e.g. when logging into the backend of your CMS system? First of all: don't panic! It's not that the connection to the selected website is suddenly no longer secure, whereas it used to be. If you did not have an SSL certificate installed before, the connection was never secure in the sense that the data is transmitted in encrypted form. What is new is that Firefox now points this out.

Of course, it is best to encrypt the data transfer to and from your entire website with an SSL certificate. The good news: deLink now offers a free SSL certificate for every website hosted at deLink (from the WebHome hosting package). For the deLink Cloud packages, you can order an SSL certificate for an additional EUR 1 per month.

But please note: With some CMS systems, such as WordPress, it is necessary to adapt the content to a use of https. With older hosting packages, a move to a newer server may be necessary. We will be happy to advise you on this.