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Malicious phishing emails in circulation

Currently, many domain owners are receiving fake mails informing them about an alleged blocking of their domain due to abuse. The mails look genuine because the sender is deLink or other, actually existing registrars.
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Better email quality with SPF

What can you do to prevent third parties from sending spam emails with your email address as the sender? The answer: Unfortunately, nothing. Just as you cannot prevent someone from...
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No - this is not a bill!

For a few days now, domain owners have been receiving letters with the sender .DE Deutsche Domain and the word Rechnung (invoice) as the headline. In these letters, a hefty sum is being charged for a - the domain name...
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HR domains now also for EU companies

Croatia has so far only offered domains under .co.hr for registration by foreigners. The coveted 2nd-level domains ending in .hr were reserved for domestic companies. Now companies from the...
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US Dollar forces price adjustment

Since many months the value of the EURO has been losing against the US Dollar, dramatically in the last few weeks. Most domain registries charge their fees in US dollars....
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Contact validation also for 'old' gTLDs

What we have already become familiar with for the new gTLDs - the verification of each holder contact by confirming a corresponding mail request - was also introduced from the beginning of October 2014 for the well-known generic...
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Shellshock at enLink

In 1985, the UNIX shell bash, developed by Brian Fox, was widely introduced as a replacement for the Bourne Shell. Since then, a security vulnerability has existed through which attackers could gain widespread access to...
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Link traffic for .uk domains

The UK is sticking to left-hand traffic - even with the introduction of 2nd-level domains under .uk, which started on 10.06.2014, everything is a bit different than what continental Europeans are used to. Nevertheless...
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Heartbleed at deLink

The small but serious and far-reaching error in the encryption software openSSL, which has made it to great fame even outside specialist circles under the name Heartbleed bug, also affects deLink and...
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Email with encrypted transmission

Everyone talks about it, no one knows: Who can read what data is exchanged on the Internet? If you manage your email at deLink, you can prevent unwanted...
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