Heartbleed at deLink

Hamburg, 16.04.2014

heartbleedThe small but serious and far-reaching flaw in the encryption software openSSL, who has made it under the name of Heartbleed bug has brought it great notoriety even outside professional circles, also affects deLink and deLink's customers.

On about 30% of all deLink servers, openSSL was installed with this error. Immediately after the problem became known, we installed the bug fix on all affected servers. As of 08.04.2014 15:01 CET, there were no more servers at deLink with the gap. Nevertheless, this means that the data of SSL certificates and thus encrypted passwords could have fallen into the wrong hands in the meantime.

Important for you

The domain and server administration and the customer administration area at deLink were not affected by this problem at any time. There is no need for you to take any action here.

The deLink email system was affected by this problem. The encryption software and the SSL certificate were replaced. However, your email will only be secure again (as things stand today) once you have changed your passwords. We have informed all email customers about this.

All SSL certificates obtained from deLink that may have been affected have been replaced free of charge. All customers who have installed SSL certificates from other providers on deLink servers have been informed.


Once again we see that too much centralisation can have global consequences, even for small problems. So far, we have no indication that the Heartbleed bug has caused any damage to deLink's customers. Let's hope it stays that way.