Link traffic for .uk domains

Hamburg, 12.06.2014

lefthandThe UK is sticking to left-hand traffic - even with the introduction of 2nd-level domains under .uk, which started on 10.06.2014, everything is a bit different than what continental Europeans are used to. Nevertheless, the English registry Nominet reports more than 50,000 new registrations of 2nd-level uk domains within the first 24 hours. A record!


Here are the most important points:

  • From 10.06.2014 there is - in addition to the already known endings,,, - also the possibility to register!
  • Holders of 3rd-level domains under .uk have a priority right to the corresponding 2nd-level domain. Thereby has a higher right than the other endings. For example, the domain has given us the right to register In Whois you can check who has the right to a particular uk domain (simply enter the desired new 2nd-level uk domain - if there is an existing domain that gives the holder the prior right to register, it will be displayed under Right of registration).
  • Such a privilege can be exercised for 5 years, i.e. until 10.06.2019! Only then will all (remaining) .uk domains be released for general registrability.
  • For 2nd-level uk domains, the Tech-C must have a postal address in the UK. If you do not have a postal address on the island, you can - free of charge - use deLink's trustee service.
  • Attention: The registry checks both the email address of the domain owner and his data. So if you receive an email from with the subject Your domain registration - additional action required (case .....), please respond to it and send evidence of the domain holder's existence to the registry. An example of possible evidence can be found here. If you do not do this, the registry may delete the domain!

You see - everything is a little different. But we are happy to help you register your uk domain!